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The Gleadell Pool

The Gleadell pool offers farmers a proven, hands free grain marketing service.

Gleadell is able to tap into World and European market information to establish market direction, market parameters and to use this information to achieve industry leading returns in volatile and fast moving markets.

Gleadell is the only national grain business whose pool results are clearly shown over a long term basis. Our pool prices, as shown below, are always reported net of commission and after haulage costs. These are the prices pool members receive.  Farmers can see our track record and judge our results for themselves.


The Gleadell pool covers all wheat, malting and feed barley, oilseed rape, pulses and oats.

Split into four movement periods with fixed payment dates following each pool period: Harvest, October – December, January – March, April – June


  • Premiums for your location and the quality you produce
  • Advance payments at preferential interest rates
  • Cost effective expert grain marketing with a proven and visible track record
  • Regular updates on our Pools sales position and market views

Historical Pool Performance

CommodityFeed Wheat AverageFeed Wheat Base13% Milling PremiumFeed BarleyOilseed Rape
Harvest 18£156.58£153.43£14.00£142.21£300.07
Apr-Jun 18£143.64£140.24£14.00£132.34£297.05
Jan-Mar 18£141.78£138.08£14.00£125.67£303.59
Oct-Dec 17£137.28£134.85£14.00£120.50£308.92
Harvest 17£134.23£131.00£14.00£112.51£301.10
Apr-June 17£134.11£130.03£10.00£120.00£326.15
Jan-Mar 17£127.47£125.30£11.00£115.22£324.46
Oct-Dec 16£121.24£118.00£13.00£108.50£293.07
Harvest 16£115.50£112.00£14.00£98.27£264.00
Apr-June 16£122.57£120.36£20.00£260.00
Jan-March 16£120.23£118.25£20.00£105.25£260.00
Oct-Dec 15£120.02£117.00£22.00£102.51£254.39
Harvest 15£118.26£115.05£23.00£101.47£243.50
Apr-June 15£135.02£131.10£34.00£121.23£256.83
Jan-Mar 15£135.01£130.00£40.00£119.47£250.00
Oct-Dec 14£135.72£130.40£41.00£116.71£244.11
Harvest 14£135.68£132.54£35.00£114.90£253.51
Apr-Jun 14£171.53£169.84£24.00
Jan-Mar 14£169.84£166.27£24.00£145.70£300.05
Oct -Dec 13£166.04£163.50£18.00£144.31£300.10
Harvest 13£165.53£163.00£17.00£144.55£311.01
Apr-June 13£189.89£186.50£23.00£171.50£372.84
Jan-Mar 13£187.40£183.59£26.00£170.25£370.16
Oct-Dec 12£175.85£172.46£28.00£162.50£353.03
Harvest 12£163.45£160.11£28.00£154.60£359.45
Apr-Jun 12£155.76£151.79£23.00£351.09
Jan-Mar 12£153.64£150.41£23.00£155.51£350.09
Oct-Dec 11£154.63£152.00£25.00£151.55£350.09
Harvest 11£154.52£150.00£25.00£144.05£352.50
Apr-Jun 11£147.72£142.08£25.00£321.94
Jan-Mar 11£140.32£137.50£25.00£125.32£305.31
Oct-Dec 10£123.97£120.50£25.00£112.00£292.78
Harvest 10£113.25£110.00£25.00£94.64£260.68
Apr - Jun 10£110.28£108.56£20.00£272.00
Jan-Mar 10£107.12£105.22£25.65£94.00£232.00
Oct -Dec 09£104.47£103.02£25.50£92.00£230.13
Harvest 09£105.11£103.25£35.00£90.00£228.00
Apr-Jun 09£130.25£127.12£26.98
Jan Mar 09£127.53£126.02£25.00£115.00£283.52
Oct -Dec 08£129.02£127.12£28.79£116.50£283.03
Harvest 08£133.25£130.15£28.79£128.15£307.65
Apr-Jun 08£137.62£135.44£25.73

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