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In partnership with the UK’s leading pulse processor Dunns (Long Sutton) Ltd.

Human Consumption Beans

These are mainly spring varieties which are exported to Middle Eastern countries as a cheap source of edible protein.

The beans need to be suitable for human consumption with maximum moisture content of 15% and maximum beetle damage of 3% both visible and non visible.

The market for human consumption types is around 600,000 mt per year. Of this total the UK, in a normal year, contributes up to 150,000 mt mainly in bulk shipments.

Gleadell are able to offer access to this market via Great Yarmouth, Immingham, and various Southern Ports. Growing contracts are available.

Feed Beans UK and Export

Total UK bean production tends to range from 400,000 to 650,000 mt per year.

Feed bean demand for domestic and export markets varies from 300,000 to 400,000 mt. Gleadell are active in all markets with facilities for export at Great Yarmouth, Immingham and various Southern Ports.

We are also well placed to supply all the UK major animal compounding businesses, either for incorporation or for speciality feeds.

Human Consumption Peas

This much specialised market requires top quality material grown under contract.

Buyers are under extreme pressure to produce a product which meets today’s very high standards.

Gleadell are able to offer growing contracts for most of the modern day varieties available to growers.

Micronising Markets

Peas, beans and maize are all used in this process, which transforms the raw material to a high energy feed ingredient used in high quality animal feeds.

There is a healthy export trade of this product to countries within the EU and to the Middle East.

Gleadell have a good working relationship with all end buyers within this sector.

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