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Feed Grain

We annually export approximately 20% of the UK’s total feed grain surplus

Gleadell Agriculture is well placed to service our customer’s requirements when it comes to feed grains. 

Gleadell are one of the principal suppliers to the UK animal feed industry. We service the needs of national compounders and local independent producers and are proactively working with the supply chain to bring together local farmer suppliers with the best end markets.

In addition to working with the UK animal feed industry we are also one of the UK’s principal exporters. We have our own deep water export facilities in Immingham and Great Yarmouth where we can ship vessels up to 30,000 mt and are shipping grain in smaller size vessels from 10 other ports from the Humber to the Severn estuary.

Worldwide export network

Annually Gleadell export approximately 20% of the UK’s grain surplus, and whilst the bulk of our exports are to EU destinations, ADM’s international connections give Gleadell access to global grain markets.

This worldwide network also gives Gleadell access to critical, market defining information as it is happening.

Premier merchant in the UK

Gleadell are equipped with a team of professional, highly skilled traders, that are able to offer a full range of risk management tools that can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of the individual, firmly establishing Gleadell as the premier merchant in the UK and providing our farming customers with a consistent quality service.

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