International Grain, Seed and Fertiliser Merchant


Gleadell trade actively in all markets managing supply chains, offering risk management tools and focused crop and variety choices.

Supplying the food, feed or fuel markets Gleadell link farmers to end users whilst providing expert market advice, proven pool marketing services and financially sensible secure buy back contracts as well as the logistical know how to make the grain chain operate smoothly.

Storage and conditioning services

Through our own significant investments at Immingham and at Great Yarmouth and through third party facilities where required, Gleadell provide cost effective storage and conditioning services to farmers and consumers.

Our aims are to minimise cost, maximise efficiency and to provide the cost effective answer for farmers with on farm grain storage issues.

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Growing the correct variety can be the key to profitable farming

Close liaison with top seed breeders means Gleadell have access to the best varieties often linked to specific end users at a guaranteed premium where quality products are grown.

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