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2013 Agronomy Bulletin

New varieties of barley developed by Carlsberg Group Research is exciting brewers around the world by improving taste and foam.

Carlsberg’s research working together with Heineken has shown that you get a uniform quality beer by minimising negative beer staling components: no aged off-flavours and stable, quality foam, when beer is brewed using Null-lox barley.

Beer is no different from any other manufactured food product or drink: its tastes best fresh. Null-lox barley, which was developed through traditional breeding by Carlsberg Group Research, helps beer keep its fresh flavour for a longer period of time, increasing its shelf life. It is possible, because Null-lox barley lack a particular enzyme (called lox), which is normally present in barley accelerates the staling process making off-flavours.

Breeding a New Malting Barley

Today, Null-lox barely is covered by a world patent which runs for 20 years, and use of Null-lox barley and malt is exclusively used by Carlsberg and Heineken . Many breeders, grain companies, malting companies and brewers are contacting Group Research to get on board.

The amount of Null-lox malting barley used in Carlsberg Breweries in North and Western Europe will increase in 2010, and by 2011 the plan is to increase the production even more.

The leap is made possible by a dedicated breeding programme in Carlsberg Group Research, allowing quick development of Null-lox varieties. The goal is to get the best performing Null-lox varieties.

Farmers from different countries have

At present several varieties of malting barley with the Null-lox gene have been developed and EU-listed, all adjusted to climate and growth conditions in different parts of the world. It has already been successfully grown in fields in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, and New Zealand. After initial trials in 2009, barley will be sown commercially in the UK for the first time in 2010 (both for malting and seed).


The Research Group is convinced that brewing beer using Null-lox provides an advantage in the market place. The Null-lox breeding programme will provide farmers with sound agronomic new varieties with similar to better yields to those of traditional barley, well into the future.

Carlsberg and Heineken recognise that the key to success is ensuring that growers get an attractive return for growing this exciting new malting barley, so when you add in an attractive buyback contract and strong, growing end market demand, it all adds up to an exciting new opportunity for forward thinking farmers.

Gleadell have exclusive contracts with Carlsberg and Heineken and can offer buyback contracts to our growers for the following Null-lox varieties:-

  • Charmay
  • Cha Cha
  • Chill

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