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Lord Nelson – Gleadell loading huge barley boat at Great Yarmouth


Gleadell Agriculture has kicked off 2018 exports by loading the appropriately-named MV Lord Nelson in Great Yarmouth with 25,000t of feed barley.

The vessel, which was built in 2005, is 176m long and 26m wide and is being filled with nearly 900 lorry-loads of East Anglian barley, which will take five days. She is expected to set sail for the Spanish Mediterranean port of Cartagena this week.

Inclement weather during the 2017 harvest affected malting quality in the UK barley crop. This has resulted in an increased availability of feed barley, and the UK has therefore maintained a reasonably competitive position in the European export market.

The shipment underlines the unique position of Gleadell’s deep-water facility at Great Yarmouth that provides access to these more distant markets, providing a useful outlet for the region’s farmers.

Gleadell loaded another large vessel, the MV Federal Cedar, with over 26,000t of feed barley earlier this campaign. The vessel was the largest grain ship to leave the Norfolk/Suffolk region in the 2017-18 harvest year.


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