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Gleadell Agriculture – 20 years of trading in Yorkshire and the North


Gleadell Agriculture has been in existence for 137 years, but the 2017 season marks the 20th anniversary of the company’s presence in the Yorkshire and Northern England combinable crop markets.

Gleadell, an independent major trader of grain, seed and fertiliser, is owned 50/50 by ADM and the French Agricultural cooperative group Invivo.

It trades with over 1500 farmers across the region, supplies almost all the major grain consumers and provides a first-class, blue-chip grain marketing service to farmers.

As we approach the uncertainties of Brexit, Gleadell is a trusted and safe trading partner in what are changeable times for all market participants.

Some of the key market drivers have changed in the last 20 years. From a position where Yorkshire was a net exporter of wheat, the advent of the bio-ethanol industry has changed the dynamics of the feed wheat market, tightening supply and demand to the extent that Yorkshire farmers now achieve some of the highest feed wheat prices in England.

Malting barley production has remained a constant and important part of the grain supply chain. Increased demand for spring barley has added to the portfolio of crops that farmers grow profitably.

Gleadell has an enviable 20-year track record of supplying a pool marketing service for all commodities, and this service has continued to attract a growing tonnage commitment. It is transparent, with results being fully visible on the Gleadell website.

Supplying a full range of fertilisers and seed has been an important part of Gleadell’s service since the beginning. Today, Gleadell supply all of CF Fertiliser’s UK-manufactured products, as well as imported quality urea.

The company is also the sole UK agent for important second-generation stabilised urea, which contains both urease and nitrification inhibitors to keep nitrogen available to crops longer. This is produced by German manufacturer SKW Piesteritz and marketed as ALZON® neo-N.

Gleadell liquid fertiliser has grown significantly over recent years, and the company has a long-lasting record in helping to bring other innovative products to market, such as Fibrophos, P-grow and Enhance Pro.

Gleadell’s role as one of the largest seed distributors in the UK has grown significantly since the acquisition of Dunns (Long Sutton) Ltd in 2012.

Apart from a high-capacity, very modern seed plant, and the largest bagged seed store in the UK, Dunns provides the breeder-to-production link that enables Gleadell to offer the best varieties to farmers across the country.

A lot has happened in the past 20 years, but the first-class Gleadell team of dedicated staff based in York is fully focussed on supplying all customers with excellent services for the next 20 years and beyond.

The team and their contact numbers are:

Graham Hatton, regional manager & farm trader – 01904 486797

Stuart Cooper, senior farm trader – 01904 486792

Rob Manfield, farm trader – 01427 421256

Mark Fletcher, farm trader – 01904 486799

Mark Barratt, farm trader – 01904 486793

Sophie Moore, trainee farm trader – 01904 486795

For further information contact

Graham Hatton, regional manager and farm trader, Gleadell Agriculture

01904 486797 |

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