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Great Yarmouth Port

Gleadell Agriculture’s state of the art drying and storage grain facility in the port of Great Yarmouth

The drying and storage grain facility adjoins the quay in the outer harbour of Yarmouth.

The B&W fully mobile shiploader is capable of loading vessels up to 25,000 mt.

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David Sheppard, Managing Director of Gleadell Agriculture Ltd said,

“Our business in East Anglia has grown strongly over the past few years and Great Yarmouth presented us with an opportunity to expand our export and import business in the region in a deep water port.

“In 2008, we commissioned a new grain storage and drying facility in Immingham and this has proved to be a very successful investment, so we have mirrored the thriving long term grain import / export business we have in the port of Immingham at the Great Yarmouth Grain Terminal.

“With the support of our shareholders, ADM and InVivo, we believe that we can provide farmers throughout the East Anglian region with valuable markets for their produce. Despite the advent of the bioethanol industry, it is our belief that shipping – both importing and exporting – will continue to be a vital part of the UK grain industry well into the future.”

Trevor Gates, Gleadell’s East Anglian Regional Manager, added:

“We have grown our business in East Anglia with farmer customers, co-operatives and smaller merchants. The Gleadell Great Yarmouth Grain Terminal, being located at an end user destination, provides an extremely useful and competitive drying and storage facility for farmers. Farmers have backed our investment by committing thousands of tonnes to the facility.”

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