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A leading trader of all grains, oilseeds and pulses to markets in the UK, EU and further afield, coupled with a market leading seed and fertiliser business

Established in 1880 Gleadell Agriculture Ltd is a major trader of grain in the UK, and in volatile and risk-laden markets, is a safe and trusted trading partner for farmers and consumers.

We are a significant supplier to UK millers, maltsters, feed compounders and other consumers of grain and a leading exporter of all grains, oilseeds and pulses to markets in the EU and further afield. We are a growing force in the sourcing and delivery of home-produced and imported fertiliser and we are also the largest trader of organic grain in the UK. Our seed portfolio covers market leading varieties sourced directly from UK and overseas breeders to meet the needs of both the farmer and the food and feed ingredient sectors, along with our small seeds on line platform offering environmental mixtures and game cover.


4 regional offices
140 employees
2,500,000 tonnes purchased from UK farmers annually


Gleadell is owned by ADM.

This gives us financial security and access to worldwide market information supplied first-hand. When this is allied to our established and innovative marketing schemes, it enables us to offer effective market analysis and risk management in today’s volatile markets.

Gleadell operates from four offices throughout England and offers a people-based, quality service to farmers and consumers. We strive to deliver the best service in terms of prompt payment, timely collection and delivery of products.

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In 2012 Gleadell acquired 100% of Dunns (Long Sutton) Ltd the UKs leading pulse processor.

Established in 1834, Dunns (Long Sutton) Limited is among the oldest agricultural businesses in the UK.  Based in South Lincolnshire, we are one of the largest pulse and agricultural seed processors in the UK.

Dunns has two separate sides to its business. It is a major UK agricultural seed wholesale company and producer of specialist premium quality pulse products for worldwide human consumption markets.

Dunns was privately owned until February 2012 when its shares were purchased by Gleadell Agriculture – one of the UK’s leading agricultural merchants. Gleadell is owned by ADM, which gives fantastic financial security to both Gleadell and Dunns, as well as access to worldwide market information.

By working closely with breeders, Dunns have access to new opportunities offering up-and-coming seed varieties to our customers and trialling new varieties with consumers. Dunns also has exclusivity on several pea varieties that are sought after by many large pulse consumers. Their aim is to provide excellent service, in terms of prompt payment and efficient collection and delivery.

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Registered Office:
Lindsey House, Hemswell Cliff,
Gainsborough, Lincolnshire DN21 5TH.

Company Number: 534118