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Pulses - Peas - Marrowfat


Breeder: LS Plant Breeding


  • Very exciting new variety
  • First availability spring 2016
  • Excellent colour retention
  • Superb standing and ease of combining


The UK's leading Marrowfat Breeder: LG Seeds

The UK’s leading Marrowfat pea variety

  • Excellent standing ability
  • Early Ripening
  • Good colour retention
  • Excellent buyback terms on offer

Pulses - Spring Beans


  • High yielding spring bean suitable for human consumption markets.
  • Yield advance on market leader – Fuego.
  • 105% of controls – 7% ahead of Fuego
  • Excellent standing ability.
  • Added to the PGRO list in 2013


Breeder: LS Plant Breeding

New variety added to the PGRO list in 2013 – highest yielding spring bean variety

109% of controls – 9% ahead of Fuego

High TSW – pale hilum suitable for human consumption markets




Breeder: LG Seeds

Pale hilum human consumption spring bean

  • High yielding
  • Early ripening
  • Very good standing ability at harvest
  • High thousand seed weight leading to plump beans sought after in the human consumption market

Pulses - Winter Beans


Winter - Breeder: Limagrain

Gleadell’s view – Tundra was added to the PGRO RL in 2014 but autumn 2015 was its first commercial season, Tundra is proving to be very popular with growers now that it has secured its place in the market. The variety really takes winter beans forward in yield terms, with a 7% increase over old favourite Wizard. Retaining decent seed size and similar agronomics to Wizard, Tundra looks to remain a popular choice.

End-market suitability – Tundra has proved to be a suitable variety for splitting, although it is slightly smaller than other varieties of winter beans. It has a comparatively smoother skin, which means it is more acceptable for export as a whole bean for Foules Medames.



Gleadell’s view – Wizard has been a mainstay in the winter bean sector for over 10 years and many growers consider it the only winter bean to grow. The variety has given consistent human consumption grade quality so will remain popular. However, it will lose some market share to its newer rival.

End-market suitability – Wizard is liked by end users due to its large size, which makes it the most suitable variety for the split bean market. Used less than spring beans for Foules Mesdames due to its darker, wrinkled skin.

Pulses - Peas - Large Blue


  • Resistant to pea wilt
  • Excellent resistance to Downey Mildew
  • Good standing ability at harvest
  • Early Ripening

Pulses - Peas - Small Blue



  • Only small blue pea on recommended list
  • Resistant to pea wilt
  • Good Downey Mildew resistance
  • Early ripening and short straw

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