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Oilseed Rape

Oilseed Rape - Hybrid


Hybrid - Breeder: Bayer

Gleadell’s view – A follow-on from breeder Bayer, the variety InV1020 is an exciting offering. It features outstanding agronomics, including excellent resistance to both light leaf spot and in particular phoma (stem canker). The variety looks to stand out in a late-sowing situation, and features very good oil content and early maturity.  Click for more information InV1020


Hybrid - Breeder: DSV

Gleadell’s view – A candidate variety from DSV, breeder of farm favourite Incentive, Sparrow has high gross output potential through a combination of high seed yield and excellent oil content. Very good light leaf spot resistance and solid phoma scores make this variety suitable for the whole of the UK. Limited data would indicate Sparrow has good tolerance to Verticillium wilt. It exhibits a vigorous growth habit in both autumn and spring. Click for more information Sparrow


Hybrid - Breeder: Limagrain

Gleadell’s view – Aquila, from Limagrain, is in its first year of recommendation on the East/West RL. It features excellent disease resistance scores and high gross output potential, thanks to strong seed yield and oil content values. Aquila’s real strengths are very strong stem canker resistance, solid light leaf spot scores and pod shatter resistance.  Click for more information Aquila


Hybrid - Breeder: RAGT

Gleadell’s view – RGT Windozz has maintained its position as the equal highest yielding hybrid on the 2017-18 RL. It features excellent seed yield, particularly in the East/West regions where the variety is best suited. It has very stiff straw with early maturity and a solid disease package, RGT Windozz was very popular in autumn 2016 and established exceptionally well with strong autumn vigour. It looks set to be popular once again for autumn 2017 plantings.  Click for more information Windozz


Hybrid - Breeder: DSV

Gleadell’s view – Incentive has become the farmer’s favourite variety, thanks to its good all-round performance. Incentive has high gross output potential backed up with good oils and is stiff strawed. It features on both regional lists, has good light leaf spot resistance but phoma will need managing to achieve the best results.  Click for more information Incentive


Hybrid - Breeder: Dekalb

Gleadell’s view – DK Exalte is a very exciting new variety from Dekalb, breeders of old favourite Excalibur. DK Exalte features excellent gross output potential, backed up with a superb disease portfolio. It features all the traits we have come to expect from a Dekalb variety, including pod-shatter resistance, double phoma resistance and rapid spring development. Click for more information Exalte


Hybrid - Breeder: DSV

Gleadell’s view – Veritas CL is a Clearfield hybrid from DSV. The variety was available in limited quantities in autumn 2016. Clearfield technology is being embraced increasingly on farm for weed control purposes and Veritas CL looks to be a solid variety for these situations. It delivers strong autumn vigour with excellent lodging resistance.  Click for more information Veritas


Hybrid - Breeder: Dekalb

A Clearfield offering from breeder Dekalb, with all the traits we have come to expect from a DK hybrid. Yield would be in the middle of pack as with Veritas CL under normal trials conditions. However, the Clearfield technology gives the grower the opportunity to grow OSR under very difficult weed pressure. Featuring excellent stem canker and LLS scores, plus pod shatter resistance, DK Imperial CL is certainly going to be a popular choice in the Clearfield sector.  Click for more information Imperial CL

Oilseed Rape - Conventional


Conventional - Breeder: KWS

Gleadell’s view – Django gives growers a golden opportunity for gross output. A new variety out of the same stable as the very popular variety Campus, Django is a vigorous, strong-standing, high-yielding, conventional variety with robust disease ratings. It is an RL candidate variety with similar yield to the top conventional varieties such as Nikita, Flamingo and Elgar, with solid agronomics.  Click for more information Django


Conventional - Breeder: KWS

Gleadell’s view – Campus has been extremely popular on farm over the past two years and has excellent yield potential in all areas. It features strongly on both the North and East/West RLs. The variety has rapid autumn establishment, hence the strapline “the seed with speed,” high oil content, and solid all-round agronomics and disease resistance. Campus has also shown exceptional performance on sites with known Verticillium wilt infection.  Click for more information Campus


Conventional - Breeder: KWS

Gleadell’s view – From the same stable as Campus, Barbados features on the North RL. However, the variety’s good disease resistance scores – sevens for both canker and LLS – mean it would also be well suited to growers in the East/West region. It has high gross output potential. Stiff straw is also a feature, and the variety is slightly later to mature so could help spread harvest timings.  Click for more information Barbados


Conventional - Breeder: Limagrain

Gleadell’s view – Amalie is a variety that has shown resistance to TuYV (turnip yellows virus), a disease that has been shown to reduce OSR yields quite considerably. Amalie has moderate yield where disease is absent, but as a risk management tool is an excellent addition to the spread of varieties on farm. It also has solid disease scores.  Click for more information Amalie

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