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Winter - Breeder: RGT

Gleadell’s view – RGT Victorious is a real step forward in yield from market leaders Mascani and Dalguise. Increased yield has come at some compromise in quality, but there is almost 10% difference between RGT Victorious and Mascani in yield terms, and the variety has improved crown rust resistance. RGT Victorious will require a robust PGR programme to ensure the best results. Click for more information Victorious


Winter - Breeder: Senova

Gleadell’s view – Mascani is the most popular winter oat grown in the UK. Although slightly lower yielding than new varieties on the list, Mascani exhibits the highest quality, including high kernel content and specific weight. It has strong disease ratings and is the shortest of the three varieties mentioned here. Mascani also remains the most popular winter oat with end users.  Click for more information Mascani


Winter - Breeder: Senova

Gleadell’s view – Dalguise has been in the marketplace for over 10 years and remains a popular choice. Oat variety selection is driven by end-user demand, and Dalguise’s high specific weight and kernel content provide a solid platform. Disease resistances are not the strongest and the variety is relatively weak strawed.  Click for more information Dalguise

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