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Maize - Energy Maize

Gleadell maize variety selection 2018. To cover forage and bio-gas applications, Gleadell have selected the very best varieties to give growers the best balance between yield and quality. For bespoke variety advice, please call the seed desk on 01427 421217.

KWS Sergio

Exceptional ME and early vigour!

Ultra early maturity: FAO 160

  • A very early variety with excellent feeding value and early vigour on challenging less favourable sites.
  • Above average yields for its maturity, similar plant type to Kaspian with 8% more DM yield (97%)
  • Good early vigour (7.4) for early or late drilling
  • Above average starch (34.7%) and ME (11.35 MJ/Kg) content

Maize - Maincrop Silage

RGT Stewaxx

Early maturity: FAO 180

  • Above average yield and quality combined make this an excellent choice on less favourable sites
  • Very good resistance to fusarium
  • High starch and excellent ME

KWS Aurelius

A new dynasty in maize growing!

Early maturity: FAO 180

  • Very good all-round variety for Silage or an early AD variety – vigorous initial growth and excellent quality characteristics make this a variety for nearly every situation
  • Unsurpassed DM yield in its segment – (2013-16: 110-112%) across all sites*
  • 105% DM Yield 2018 Descriptive List – Favourable sites
  • Rapid early vigour 7.6
  • Full cob sheath coverage
  • Excellent starch (31.6%) and ME content (11.3 MJ/Kg)
  • Ideal balance of forage yield and energy content for 60 – 70% + maize inclusion

KWS Autens

Outstanding field performance!

Early maturity: FAO 170

  • Top yielding variety on the NIAB list, very good feeding value and performs well on all sites including heavy land or high altitude.
  • Faster dry down with good standing power
  • Approx. 4 days earlier to harvest than SEVERUS in KWS screening trials observations
  • Outstanding early vigour on all soil types (2014: 8.2; 2015: 7.6, 2018 DL: 7.4)
  • Full cob sheath coverage
  • Very high starch (2015: 35.2%, 2016: 34.6%) and ME content (2015: 11.6 MJ/Kg; 2016: 11.5 MJ/Kg)

Maize - AD Varieties

KWS Amaroc

The variety of choice for AD growers

Energy: FAO 240

  • The ultimate in yield, Amaroc from breeder KWS will perform best on favourable sites where harvest equipment can travel later in the season
  • Rapid early vigour
  • Recommended chop length: 7 – 9 mm
  • Recommended seed rate: 42,000 seeds/acre (103,000 seeds/hectare)
  • In low rainfall areas: 38,000 seeds/acre (94,000 seeds/hectare)
  • Limited stock

RGT Babexx

Maturity: FAO 220

  • Amazing levels of biomass yield from a very good all-round package
  • Stay green variety
  • Exceptionally clean and very good on eyespot as from all RAGT varieties

KWS Keops

Multi-use silage or biogas – wide drilling window

Maincrop: FAO 210/220

  • Keops from KWS has extremely high yield potential with the versatility of a wide drilling window and early vigour
  • Especially suits AD growers on heavier land where they need to get the crop off early without sacrificing too much yield
  • High grain: stover ratio for more stable ripening in cooler seasons
  • Recommended chop length: 7 – 9 mm
  • Recommended seed rate: 42,000 seeds/acre (103,000 seeds/hectare)
  • In low rainfall areas: 38,000 seeds/acre (94,000 seeds/hectare)

DSV Mondolin

Maturity: FAO 200

  • New this year from breeder DSV, Mondolin works on the success of sister variety Movanna, but offers early maturity and improved cob characteristics to increase overall quality
  • Mondolin has very high yield potential to fill the clamp
  • Limited stock

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