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Cereals - Winter Wheat


Group 1 - Breeder: RAGT
  • Highest yielding group 1 variety on the RL
  • OWBM resistant
  • Good disease resistance profile
  • Short stiff straw
  • High quality
  • Better suited for later sowings from end of September onwards

KWS Trinity

Group 1 - Breeder: KWS
  • High yielding potential nabim group 1 wheat
  • Exceptional disease resistance
  • Short stiff straw
  • Medium maturity
  • Good grain characteristics
  • Should perform as a second wheat


Group 1 - Breeder: RAGT


  • Group 1 milling wheat
  • Superb quality year on year
  • Excellent disease profile
  • Working for the farmer and the miller


Group 1 - Breeder: Limagrain

Crusoe is a nabim Group 1 variety with excellent milling characteristics producing high rates of flour extraction and appealing white flour, offering growers the potential for milling premiums in the domestic market. Crusoe can also meet the specifications of the export market giving growers a choice of premium market outlets.

Crusoe has a very good resistance profile for all the major foliar diseases – mildew, the rusts and Septoria tritici – making it an easy variety to manage. Higher levels of Brown Rust were recorded in the 2011 season; growing crops should be monitored and treated accordingly.

Consistent milling variety that is well accepted by the end market.


Group 2 - Breeder: KWS
  • Highest yielding variety in 2015 RL trials
  • Rated positive for ukp
  • Excellent disease resistance; best score on the RL for Septoria tritici
  • Superb physical grain quality
  • Consistent across regions
  • Best sown in the later drilled slot


Group 2 - Breeder: KWS
  • Group 2 bread making quality
  • Superb export potential
  • Very high yield with good grain quality
  • Very strong disease ratings
  • Short and stiff
  • Consistent across regions & light/heavy land
  • Mainstream sowing date


Group 2 - Breeder: KWS
  • Consistently high Hagberg
  • Excellent specific weight
  • Good N-converter, high proteins, second highest on RL
  • First in the barn
  • Easy to combine
  • Best entry for oilseed rape
  • Ideal second wheat


Group 3 - Breeder: Limagrain

KWS Basset

Group 3 - Breeder: KWS
  • Excellent end use potential – uks
  • Good physical grain quality
  • Short and stiff
  • Good Septoria tritici resistance
  • A good option for early drilling


Group 4 softs - Breeder: RAGT

The best route to superior yields

  • Highest yielding soft wheat
  • Excellent distilling potential
  • Consistent across regions and years
  • Excellent agronomic profile with OWBM


Group 4 softs - Breeder: KWS
  • The highest yielding UK recommended Group 4 soft
  • Top yielding soft North, East and West
  • Outstanding first wheat and great second wheat
  • Suitable for distilling and uks exports
  • Highest specific weight of any Group 4 soft


Group 4 softs - Breeder: Limagrain
  • High yielding
  • Offers growers the best combined disease resistance on the 2016 AHDB RL
  • Good grain attributes, offering a wide range of market options
  • Outstanding agronomic package, offering security for drilling date & fungicide applications
  • Suitable for early sowing and as a second wheat

KWS Silverstone

Group 4 hards - Breeder: KWS
  • Highest yielding variety on the RL with strong untreated yield
  • Exceptional performance in the North
  • Strong disease profile
  • Good specific weight
  • Early maturity


Group 4 hards - Breeder: Syngenta
  • High yielding
  • Offers growers the best combined disease resistance on the 2016 AHDB RL
  • Good grain attributes, offering a wide range of market options
  • Outstanding agronomic package, offering security for drilling date & fungicide applications
  • Suitable for early sowing and as a second wheat

KWS Santiago

Group 4 hards - Breeder: KWS
  • Vigorous, very high yielding Group 4
  • Consistent over contrasting seasons
  • Top choice for the East
  • OWBM resistant


Group 4 hards - Breeder: Limagrain


Group 4 hards - Breeder: DSV

Marston is a high yielding Group 4 hard winter wheat. Rheological data so far indicated that it is likely to get UKp status for export.

Once recommended with UKp status in November 2016, Marston will offer a rare proposition – providing farmers with the high yield of a feed wheat as well as the additional opportunity to export for bread making.


Group 4 hards - Breeder: Syngenta
  • Is a high yielding group 4 winter wheat new to the HGCA 2015/16 Candidate List
  • Has an excellent disease profile with outstanding Septoria tritici resistance
  • Early maturing with good grain quality and agronomics


Group 4 hards - Breeder: KWS
  • A clean ‘cheap to grow’ variety with good physical grain quality
  • Vigorous growth; quick to reach stage 31 when November sown
  • Medium height and maturity
  • Conqueror type; excellent choice in the late sown slot


Group 4 hards - Breeder: Senova

Costello is a new hard Group 4 feed wheat combining all of the features now desired on farm – exceptional grain quality in all conditions, excellent disease resistance, very high yields and short, stiff straw. The superb grain quality of Costello across a range of seasons and conditions and excellent disease resistance provide a wider range of market opportunities and offer the grower security, both in crop management and at harvest.

Cereals - Winter Barley



A newly recommended six-row hybrid variety out of the same stable as Volume looks to take hybrid yields to the next level with a 5% UK yield difference between it and the best 2-row feed type. Showing yield increase over Volume in all regions, Bazooka will be the hybrid of choice for drilling this autumn. The variety has a solid all-round disease portfolio with particularly good Rhynchosporium resistance, improved specific weights also a plus.


Malting - Breeder: Syngenta
  • High yields, excellent malting potential.
  • Full IBD (Institute of Brewing and Distilling) for brewing production
  • BaYMV resistance and a good specific weight


Malting - Breeder: Senova

Talisman is the highest yielding malting barley with full IBD approval on the AHDB Recommended List 2016/17. It is now an established variety on farm.

With moderate length straw, excellent disease resistance and resistance to BaYMV, Talisman is the perfect choice for growers in all regions.


Feed - Breeder: KWS
  • The UKs no.1 winter barley
  • Exceptional yields in the East
  • Top yielding two-row on heavy land
  • Consistent over years
  • Short straw and good resistance to wet weather diseases
  • Superb specific weight


Feed - Breeder: KWS
  • High yielding two-row
  • Consistent across the last 5 years of trials
  • Large grain – very low screenings
  • Medium length, stiff straw
  • Good disease resistance
  • BaYMV resistant (strain 1)


Feed - Breeder: Syngenta

A very high yielding HYBRID, the highest yielding winter barley on the list. When grown under Syngenta’s recommendation and guideline which are lower seed rates, earlier nitrogen application and a full PGR programme, this has shown good yield improvements on farm. The Hybrid offers extra vigour and the ability to seek nutrients where other conventional varieties may lack to enable them to survive in the most high stress situations like droughts.

Cereals - Spring Wheat

KWS WIllow

Breeder: KWS
  • Top yielding spring wheat sown in the autumn
  • Top specific weight of all late autumn sown wheats
  • Premium potential nabim Group 2 quality breadmaking
  • High yielding in spring sown slots
  • Wide sowing window, helping to spread the workload
  • Good disease resistance package, including excellent resistance to mildew and yellow rust
Soil Type Suitability
  • Light/Sandy
  • Medium/Loam
  • Heavy/Clay


Breeder: Senova
  • Top yielding Group 1 spring wheat
  • Excellent disease resistance package
  • Superb grain quality
  • Suits autumn or spring sowing
  • OWBM resistant
Soil Type Suitability
  • Light/Sandy
  • Medium/Loam
  • Heavy/Clay

Cereals - Spring Barley

KWS Irina

Exciting new spring barley Breeder: KWS
  • Very high yielding spring barley
  • Malting potential being trialled in the UK
  • Launched to maltsters across Europe
  • High malt extraction levels in test


With a yield of 109% of controls, KWS Irina is the highest yielding spring barley on the UK Recommended List, with malting potential.

With a 4% national, Eastern and Northern region yield advantage over Propino, KWS Irina could take malting barley yields to a new level.

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