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Cereals - Winter Wheat

KWS Hardwicke

Group 4 Softs - Breeder: KWS

Gleadell’s view – an interesting new variety, Hardwicke is bred by Sejet in Denmark with KWS UK as UK agent. It follows on from the likes of Evolution, also a UK-adapted Danish variety.  Hardwicke caught the eye last year in trials, thanks to its very consistent, billiard-table appearance, with short, stiff straw. Being a soft endosperm wheat it is more marketable and has distilling potential, the main reason for its North recommendation. Yield is a step forward on the current Group 4 market leaders, so it should not be ignored south of the border.  Click for more information KWS Hardwicke

KWS Kerrin

Group 4 Hards - Breeder: KWS

Gleadell’s view – The first of two new RL hard feed wheats which have really stepped up yield over existing varieties, KWS Kerrin looks to be another excellent choice. It follows on from the likes of KWS Santiago and Oakley, both of which brought significant upturns in yield. KWS Kerrin is 2% higher yielding than Belgrade and KWS Silverstone. It looks set to be popular with growers looking for hard feed types. It has solid disease scores and OWBM resistance, and produces consistently high yields across rotational positions, together with high specific weight. Its best performance looks likely on light soils, with exceptional yield potential in the northern region.  Click for more information KWS Kerrin


Group 4 Hards - Breeder: RGT

Gleadell’s view – RGT Gravity has very high yield potential and is on course to be class leading in the Group 4 hard sector. A candidate variety this year, RGT Gravity combines high yield potential with consistent performance across two years of official testing and across regions, soil types and rotational positions. It has a very aggressive growth habit with strong ground coverage. With OWBM resistance and solid agronomics, RGT Gravity looks set to be one of the earliest sell-outs of the season.  Click for more information RGT Gravity


Group 4 Hards - Breeder: Elsom Seeds

Gleadell’s view – The pick of this year’s four new varieties from breeder Elsoms, Dunston has tall but stiff straw and the highest untreated yield score on the RL, whilst maintaining high treated yield potential. Dunston has a solid disease portfolio, including 6.7 for Septoria tritici.  Click for more information Dunston



Group 4 Hards - Breeder: Syngenta

Gleadell’s view – Shabras is another variety with a step-change in yield, equalling KWS Kerrin’s performance. The variety has equal highest yield potential on the RL in the West region, which differentiates it from KWS Kerrin, thanks to better Septoria scores. It also shows early maturity, which will attract growers, as well as excellent second wheat potential. Shabras will be another newcomer to sell out quickly in 2017.

Click for more information Shabras


Group 4 Softs - Breeder: Limagrain

Gleadell’s view – from the same stable as LG Sundance, LG Motown is another useful addition to the RL list this year. It has a number of differences to its stablemate – it looks a nice fit in the North where it produces the best of its yield figures, has earlier maturity and is suitable for distilling. LG Motown looks set to perform best on lighter sites, and is consistent across rotational positions.

Click for more information LG Motown


Group 4 Softs - Breeder: Limagrain

Gleadell’s view – quite possibly the pick of the new additions to this year’s Recommended List, LG Sundance follows on from KWS Siskin in moving yield and Septoria resistance forward. The yield step in terms of Group 4 soft varieties is significant. It is 6% higher yielding than Revelation, a variety that is popular due to its good disease resistance. However, LG Sundance has the highest score for Septoria resistance on the new list at 7.3, along with an excellent all-round disease package plus OWBM resistance. Consistent across soil types and rotational positions, LG Sundance is likely to be one of the first varieties to sell out this season.

Click for more information LG Sundance

KWS Barrel

Group 3 - Breeder: KWS

Gleadell’s view – KWS Barrel was one of two  Group 3 varieties added to the RL List last year. However, there was only limited seed available for autumn 2016 sowings. KWS Barrel has high yield potential and could help reinvigorate the Group 3 sector from autumn 17 onwards. The variety exhibits exceptional yield in the North region, and has very stiff straw, reasonable disease scores and OWBM resistance. Best on light soils, it also performs well later sown.

Click for more information KWS Barrel

KWS Zyatt

Group 1 - Breeder: KWS

Gleadell’s view – KWS Zyatt is the first newcomer featured in this year’s variety guide, and looks set to be a success, both in terms of quality and all-round yield and agronomics. Zyatt will become a partner variety to the established Group 1s Skyfall and Crusoe, and features yield improvement and excellent disease resistance. It also offers the best performance on heavier sites and, with Pch1 resistance to eyespot, looks likely to also perform well as a second cereal. It suits the main drilling window onwards, and has outstanding untreated yield, reflecting its solid disease profile.

Click for more information KWS Zyatt


Group 1 - Breeder: RAGT

Gleadell’s view – RGT Skyfall continues to be popular with the quality wheat grower and the feed grower alike – its bearded appearance is not the only reason it stands out from the crowd. The variety has revolutionised the quality wheat market, bringing yield in line with popular feed wheats. Its combination of yield, quality and good all-round disease resistance, including OWBM resistance (the only Group 1 variety to have this trait) and Pch1 eyespot resistance, makes it an exciting all-round package. RGT Skyfall is better suited for later sowings, from the end of September onwards.

Click for more information RGT Skyfall




Group 1 - Breeder: RAGT

Gleadell’s view – RGT Illustrious had a disappointing year in 2016. However, it remains a very high quality Group 1 variety and its slightly later maturity suits those growing large areas of quality wheat where a spread of harvest is important. RGT Illustrious is also the best of the Group 1s for earlier sowing. It is best suited to heavier sites for best yield potential. The variety has stiff straw and a solid all-round disease profile.

Click for more information RGT Illustrious


Group 1 - Breeder: Limagrain

Gleadell’s view – Crusoe represented a step forward in terms of disease resistance from Gallant and Solstice when introduced. It is now outclassed in yield terms by RGT Skyfall and the newcomer KWS Zyatt, but its consistency of both quality and on-farm performance will see it remaining popular with growers. Its Septoria tritici resistance remains the best in its class.

Click for more information Limagrain Crusoe


Group 2 - Breeder: KWS

Gleadell’s view – KWS Siskin joined the RL last year and was possibly the most exciting new addition, bringing yield and Septoria tritici resistance forward. This represented a real step-change in breeding. Unsurprisingly, its performance in the west is very strong, given its 6.8 score for Septoria and solid disease package. This delivers excellent untreated performance and the best performance in the first wheat slot.

Click for more information KWS Siskin


Group 2 - Breeder: KWS

Gleadell’s view – KWS Lili remained a popular choice in 2016, following on from its success in the previous year. It ticks many boxes and should be considered first and foremost as a very high yielding variety with the potential to achieve an added premium. It is well liked by the millers. Consistent across locations, with outstanding first wheat yields, KWS Lili is best suited to lighter soils.

Click for more information KWS Lili



Group 2 - Breeder: KWS

Gleadell’s view – Cordiale has developed a strong place on farm. It has given consistent quality year on year, helping it to maintain a solid market share since its introduction over 10 years ago. The early maturity is a popular trait, ensuring quality in the barn along with a decent entry into OSR.

Click for more information KWS Cordiale


KWS Basset

Group 3 - Breeder: KWS

Gleadell’s view – KWS Basset was the second variety from this breeder to join the RL Group 3 sector in 2016/17. It is slightly lower yielding than stablemate Barrel, although potentially has the edge in terms of end-user quality. The variety is suitable for slightly earlier sowing. KWS Basset also has OWBM resistance, and better Septoria resistance than its stablemate.

Click for more information KWS Basset


Group 4 hards - Breeder: Syngenta

Gleadell’s view – A new addition from Syngenta to the 2016/17 RL, Graham was a popular variety on farm and was one of the first varieties to sell out for a number of reasons. Yield in the West is very high – the equal highest on the list, and the variety exhibits excellent all-round disease resistance including a 6.7 for Septoria tritici. Slightly earlier maturing than the scores may show, it is suited to early sowing, and performs best as a first wheat. Fusarium resistance may also be of particular interest to those sowing first wheat after maize.

Click for more information Graham


Group 4 hards - Breeder: KWS

Gleadell’s view – A Conqueror cross, KWS Crispin looks from its parentage to be well suited to late sowing, while also losing its named parents’ two real weaknesses, brown rust and low specific weight. KWS Crispin was only available in a limited quantity in 2016 and its popularity outstripped availability. However, there will be more seed available in 2017 and its popularity looks set to continue, particularly in the later-sown slot. Its untreated yield is one of the highest on the list and features OWBM resistance. Although it is suited to late sowing, it also performs very well in the main drilling position, particularly when grown under farm protocols as we have seen in private trials.

Click for more information KWS Crispin


Cereals - Winter Barley


Malting - Breeder: Syngenta

Gleadell’s view – Craft is the newcomer winter malting variety from Syngenta, the same breeder that produced market leader SY Venture. Craft is a step-up in yield, with a 2% increase over SY Venture for the UK and a bigger step-change for the North region. It has improved untreated yield and lower screenings. Its disease-resistance portfolio is good, with better scores than its stablemate for all the major diseases, including Rhyncosporium and net blotch.

Click for more information Craft


Feed - Breeder: KWS

Gleadell’s view – KWS Orwell was a new addition to the 2016/17 list and has cemented its place as the highest yielding two-row feed variety on the current RL. At 104% of controls, it is 5% higher yielding than KWS Cassia and 2% above KWS Tower and KWS Glacier, last year’s market leaders. KWS Orwell has stiff straw along with a reasonable disease package, with the exception of mildew, although this disease is easily managed.

Click for more information KWS Orwell


Feed - Breeder: Syngenta

Gleadell’s view – Sunningdale is a new addition to this year’s RL, although it is  already being grown quite widely on farm. Sunningdale is equal-yielding to stablemate Bazooka in the UK. However, its differentiating features would be very strong yield performance in the North and West regions, slightly earlier maturity, and excellent yield potential on light land sites. Its disease-resistance package is very similar to Bazooka.

Click for more information Sunningdale


Feed - Breeder: Syngenta

Gleadell’s view – Bazooka took a large market share last year, at a time when the overall hybrid barley area increased to around 105,000ha. Six-row varieties now show a real yield increase both in trial and on farm; when grown along the lines of the Syngenta protocol they are capable of very high yields. Bazooka is the equal highest yielding hybrid, with very consistent performance across the whole of the UK, with a standout performance in the East. The variety has stiff, albeit tall, straw and a solid disease profile as we have come to expect from such varieties, including a 7 for Rhynchosporium.

Click for more information Bazooka


Malting - Breeder: Syngenta

Gleadell’s view – SY Venture is the most popular winter malting barley variety grown in the UK, well-liked by both growers and end users. The variety has short, reasonably stiff straw and generally good all-round disease resistance scores. Rhynchosporium resistance is not the strongest and will require monitoring.

Click for more information SY Venture


Feed - Breeder: Syngenta

Gleadell’s view – Volume has been around for a number of years and has become a popular choice for growers looking for hybrid six-row barley. The variety has tall, but relatively stiff, straw and early maturity. On-farm yields have been very high indeed. Volume’s vigorous growth habit has been shown to give good competition against blackgrass, which could also be said for Bazooka and Sunningdale.

Click for more information Volume

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