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Null-Lox Spring Malting Barley

Null-Lox spring malting barley is a conventional spring barley type developed by Carlsberg and Heineken Research bred using traditional breeding techniques.

Null-Lox varieties have the staling enzyme LOX bred out to produce fresher-tasting beer for longer and with better head retention.

Null-Lox seed is grown in the UK with seed producers strategically placed throughout the country in partnership with quality seed processors. There are four seed distribution points, well situated for deliveries – and Null-Lox seed prices are the same as for other spring barleys.

In summary, the benefits of growing Null-Lox are that it is the present and the future of EU malting barley – and is just the beginning – with exciting new traits and varieties in the pipeline.

Carlsberg and Heineken

Carlsberg and Heineken are committed to brew all of their branded beer with Null-Lox.

Their research is solely focused on beer and malting barley; the facilities and resources ensure success with teams of scientists and technicians working on Null-Lox and other new projects.

"Good variety, easy to grow, established very quickly and always looked well. It was a year of low disease pressure so it will be interesting to see how it performs in a year where pressure is increased. Very pleased with the end result, grain is of good quality"

R. Cotton - Lincolnshire

Gleadell are the sole UK agent

Null-Lox is endorsed and supported by two of the world’s largest and influential Brewers, so can be grown knowing that it has a secure end market, is backed and needed by brewers and maltsters, and is a market not in oversupply.

The amount of Null-lox malting barley used in Carlsberg Breweries in North and Western Europe will increase in coming years as varietal improvement continues and production levels continue to increase.

"I have been growing Null-Lox barley for Gleadell for two years now and I am impressed with the results. In our first year, I was reluctant to move completely way from Tipple, which had been our mainstay for spring malting barley production, but the results in terms of both yield and quality made the switch to 100% Null-Lox a ‘no-brainer’. Even in this exceptionally dry season, Cha Cha has again produced yields of up to 6.7 tonnes/hectare with nitrogens coming well within the contract spec of 1.92%. It is not often we have the opportunity to grow a malting crop which the brewers want, with a specification which is easier to meet. Couple that with pricing linked to wheat futures, and it’s a great package."

Philip Wynn - Midlands

Null-Lox is not a genetically modified organism

“We created it with the same hands-on cross-pollination principles used by the monk Gregor Mendel, if you remember him from your school biology lessons,” comments Birgitte Skadhauge, the Carlsberg Group’s research director for raw materials. “There’s no scary science involved in Null-LOX at all. It’s a natural product.

There is an exciting pipeline of material coming through from Denmark.

Cheers and Chiraz are very popular varieties in Scandinavian countries including Denmark; however, they did not seem to suit UK growing conditions.

With such an extensive pipeline, Null-Lox varieties will continue to be able to compete with the new varieties from other breeders for yield, whilst maintaining the Null-Lox principle.

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"This is my second season with Null-Lox and I am very pleased with the yield and quality. It is a consistent performer, easy to combine and is in demand. Next year’s seed is already ordered!"

Aracon Farming - North

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