soil association logoIn 1986 Gleadell Agriculture became the first grain merchant to receive Organic registration with the Soil Association, whilst maintaining strong links with other leading UK and European certifying bodies. In the last decade Gleadell have become the UK’s largest suppliers of organic and in-conversion cereals / pulses to the feed and milling industries.

Organic Arable Team: Gleadell’s team of traders and support staff guarantee the producer and processor a support service of all the group's trading activities.

Organic Supply: To maintain a consistent supply of Organic products throughout the year we have a healthy import program to compliment our UK domestic purchases.

Storage Facilities Across the UK: Gleadell have storage operations strategically placed across the UK, offering those producers who require drying and cleaning at harvest time and beyond an opportunity to maximise their returns.

Growing for the Future: By supporting the Organic producer and processor Gleadell encourage the continued growth of the market, aiding those who are fully organic and encouraging more to convert. Growing for the right market is crucial, which is why our links with the processor allow us to obtain invaluable information for our members, and help with crop selection.

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