Gleadell launches Alzon 46, a stabilised Nitrogen fertiliser

Gleadell Press Release

Immediate / 28 June 2012

“We have launched Alzon® 46, a stabilised nitrogen fertiliser that is more environmentally-friendly and brings significant benefits to crops including higher nitrogen efficiency, fewer fertiliser applications and improved plant nutrition,” says Calum Findlay, Gleadell Agriculture’s UK fertiliser manager. “Alzon also makes work easier through its high nutrient content, excellent spreading properties, good plant compatibility and ease of use.
“It works longer, more effectively and sustainably controlling the conversion of nitrogen from the stable ammonium to the mobile nitrate. This achieves a balanced nitrogen supply that meets the needs of the growing crop with only one to two applications.”
Mr Findlay explains that Alzon gives a high ammonium content in the topsoil, where it is directly available to the plants at all times.  At the same time, smaller amounts of nitrate are released and utilised. This even supply of ammonium, as well as nitrate-nitrogen, leads to a high efficiency of nitrogen use by the crop, prevents unnecessary green matter production, and ensures better root growth.
Alzon is a nitrogen inhibitor which means, depending on the weather and local conditions, it delays the whole time sequence of nitrification. This allows Ammonium N to be retained in the soil much longer, and the time of conversion to being in a nitrate form is extended. This ultimately means that a more balanced N is available when it is required over a far longer period and not all at once.
This is in contrast to products with an Urease inhibitor which merely delays the course of conversion from Urea to Ammonium. While this will be sufficient for the reduction of ammonia emissions, the conversion of the ammonium to nitrate will take place just as quickly as other conventional fertilisers. 
Alzon reduces loss by minimising nitrate displacement in deeper soil layers and through gas emissions, such as nitrous oxide. In this way, it offers huge environmental benefits and reduces N losses through both leaching and volatilisation while, at the same time, improving efficiency, profitability and yields.
“It is for sole distribution by Gleadell in the UK and, following the launch of Piadin in March, is the latest in a range of innovative products that Gleadell Agriculture will be developing with SKW Piesteritz, the largest producer of urea and ammonia in Germany,” adds Calum Findlay.
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For further information contact Calum Findlay (  ) or Rob Buck (  on 01427 421244  or go to
For press enquiries, contact Ahead PR Ltd on 01904 634040
1.  SKW Piesteritz was formed in 1993 and is the largest producer of urea and ammonia in Germany.  A future-oriented company and one of the most innovative fertiliser producers in Europe, they are internationally recognised as being the producer of some of the best quality fertiliser products in the marketplace today.
2. Gleadell Agriculture currently has offices in Full Sutton (Yorkshire), Hemswell (Lincolnshire),  Swaffham  (Norfolk), Lyndon (Rutland), Warminster (Wiltshire) and Skelmersdale (Lancashire). Gleadell Agriculture Ltd is equally owned by Toepfer International - based in Hamburg, who are one of the largest global traders of agricultural products; and InVivo - based in Paris,  who are the leading provider of goods and services to their partner cooperatives and one of the largest traders of European grain.

PICTURE CAPTION:   Calum Findlay of Gleadell Agriculture with Antje Bittner of SKW Piesterlitz at the launch of Alzon.

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